Open Day Saturday 5th May

Just to let you know that I will be open for business at the cider shed this Saturday 10 am to 6 pm.

On Monday 7th I will be delivering orders placed through by 10pm on Friday 4th May.

Visitors to the shed will be able to sample my 2010 Porters Perfection Single Variety Cider.

Porters produce a well balanced if slightly acidic juice. For this Cider I have treated it more as a white wine, using a cultivated yeast in a casked fermentation and allowing prolonged exposure to the yeast, plus taking steps to soften the acidity. I am pleased with the results and think this cider is great served slightly chilled at the table and I will welcome your feedback on it. Batch size 220 Litres.
It will be available on draught in limited quantities this weekend only before going for bottling. 

If you need directions to the shed click here:

I look forward to seeing you this Saturday,


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